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New guests and more reservations
Guests from all around the world will be able to find and book your accommodation through this Hotel Search Engine. This will contribute to increase your bookings.

Determine your own conditions for sale
Gretor booking does not impose any rules governing how you sell your rooms online. You can fix your own guarantee and deposit conditions, you can open and close your rooms to bookings as you wish, create promotions, grant discounts to special customers and determine your own cancellation and no-show penalties etc... In other words, any policies that you determine offline at your property can be transferred online at Gretor booking.

Contact guests directly
When customers book through Gretor booking, they enter into direct contact with you. You take complete charge of the reservation, and can communicate and act directly for any matter regarding the reservation, whether this may be a cancellation, late arrival or change of booking. Your contact details such as e-mail and web address are never concealed from visitors either before or after the booking. Guest details are also saved in the system, allowing you to create campaigns and promotions for particular guests at a later date.

Receive direct payments
You can set your own conditions to determine how deposits and penalties are collected, and how reservations are guaranteed. The variety of ways in which you can do this is as follows:
- you can request a deposit by bank transfer,
- you can request a deposit by credit card (if your card processing company provides this service),
- you can guarantee reservations by credit card,
- you can use PayPal to guarantee reservations or collect payments, or
- you can choose not to ask for reservation guarantees
While the Gretor booking system allows all of the above options, it never collects any payments from your guests. It remains your full responsibility to collect all due payment from your customers. In other words, Gretor booking does not act as an intermediary between you and your guests.

Booking Engine for your Website
You can enjoy all the functionalities and advantages of Gretor booking on your website at a very low cost with the Gretor booking booking engine. Simply send us a request to install the booking engine on your website.

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Comprehensive Solution

Advanced Design
Your guests will find the Gretor booking reservation process very easy.
Manage Customers More effectively
Gretor booking also offers you a comprehensive solution to help you manage your customers more effectively. Customers become members of your hotel, when they make reservations.
Because Gretor booking can be customized for your individual requirements, you are able to use Gretor booking to give personal service to your guests, offering them exclusive rates and packages etc.

Multilingual hotel content
Your property information will be available in 9 languages.
English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Romanian and increasing. So, you can increase and optimise your exposure to an international audience of customers.

Secure payment and data protection
When necessary, Gretor booking enables the secure transmission of sensitive information such as credit card details through encrypted connections.

Affordable Pricing
No set-up costs, no down payments, no hidden fees...
Start using Gretor booking today and only pay when you receive reservations..
There is no cost, except for the small commision you pay for each realized reservation. There are no set-up fees, no monthly, yearly fixed payments, license, membership or update fees, no binding agreements, get-out clauses, cancellation charges or any kind of hidden costs to benefit from Gretor booking.
You can start using Gretor booking today and stop using tomorrow, no questions asked.
Moreover, the commision is not charged for cancellations or no-shows, you pay only for realized reservations, that's for reservations that the guest has checked in.

Add your accommodation to Gretor.com for free!


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